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Article: Thinking Of Shopping Small This Christmas? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should 🎄👇

Thinking Of Shopping Small This Christmas? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should 🎄👇

Thinking Of Shopping Small This Christmas? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should 🎄👇

The 'Shop Small & Shop Local' trend has been picking up traction for some years now as consumers look to spend with independent dreams instead of mass global corporations in a bid to reduce their carbon-footprint & support the little-guy.

This is a retail trend that has is predicted to continue its sharp growth (that's already been catapulted by the coronavirus pandemic) & here are a few reasons why you should try it out 👇 

1. What Your Buying Is Likely To Be Hand-Made, Just For You

In our world of mass production, there is something magical about buying a hand-crafted gift. All of these Syrups are lovingly hand-poured and made in small batches to ensure consistent production & impeccable quality control. Buying a hand-crafted item allows you to support & acknowledge the physical efforts of a real person. We also offer products that can't be purchased anywhere else at a very fair price.

Knowing that the business owner is personally involved in the manufacturing of goods offers peace-of mind to you as a consumer that no worker exploitation has gone into the making of your goods. Shopping hand-crafted goods from independent retailers offers true shopping transparency - you aren't buying mass-produced goods from an unsustainable factor, but an item of true craftsmanship. In a nutshell, you know EXACTLY who you're buying from & who you're supporting. 

2. Independent Stores Offer A Unique Packaging Experience 

When you buy from a small business, the chances are you will be blessed with a 5 star, personalised encounter, particularly on the packaging front. Say goodbye to excessively sized, plain boxes containing a lone, small item & hello to perfectly packaged, colour coordinated, hand-wrapped parcels.

As a small business owner myself, one of my favourite things to do is personalise orders for my customers. A little while ago I received an order from a gentleman ordering an early Christmas Gift for his girlfriend, who was, in his words, "obsessed with our TikTok page". He asked that the gift set be themed in her two favourite colours - yellow & pink, hand gift-wrapped & finished with a customised hand-written note. I felt so grateful to be a part of delivering such a thoughtful gift. 

3. Small Businesses Are Great For The Local Economy 

Given that they are currently the largest nation-wide employer, Independent Businesses are vital to both National & Local economies. Shopping small can boost the economy in local areas by encouraging the likelihood of spending circulation. Not only do independent businesses create local jobs, but shopping with smaller retailers offers greater reassurances of adequate employment conditions. It is widely understood that we are becoming more ethically conscious in our spending habits & are less likely to want to contribute to brands that rely on worker exploitation with a poor environmental reputation. 

According to Civic Economics, “on average, 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores.”

4. You Receive Un-Matched Customer Service

We've all been there - you've purchased something online, it's arrived, but there's a problem with it. You email the company, but get no response. So you spend hours trawling through the web trying to find a customer service number that allows you to speak to an actual human-being, not an automated response machine. You FINALLY find a number & get through but you're pushed from pillar-to-post, one department to the next. You spend the next few agonising hours listening to looped, crackly-hold music only to be told "nothing can be done to help", without a single apology or solution offered.

It's highly unlikely this would ever happen when dealing with a small business who, unlike bigger brands, are reliant totally on good reputation & word of mouth. 

5. The Customer Is Valued & Truly Cared For

Unlike big corporations with tons of lucrative investments & asset streams, small business owners really are only depending on the direct consumer for their revenue. Customers make small businesses & in return, we put our hearts & souls into offering you the best service & consumer experience that we can. 

I hope you've enjoyed this article & know that every time you shop small, someone does a little happy dance 💃🏻


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