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Article: The Creation Of Hair Syrup 💡

The Creation Of Hair Syrup 💡

The Creation Of Hair Syrup 💡

At the tender age of 21 & during her final year of undergraduate study at The University of Warwick, Lucie embarked on an unexpected journey of entrepeneurship when she decided to bring a range of pre-wash hair treatments to the British Hair Care Market. 

With a background in Luxury Marketing, PR, Business & Brand Development, she utilised her intricate understanding of consumerism & creativity to hand crafted Hair Syrup 


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how an idea became a reality


It all began in 2019, when after years of heavy bleaching & mistreatment of her own locks, Lucie began researching the field of Hair Care in an attempt to bring her fragile, dry hair back to life. After splashing hundreds of pounds on the usual expensive, recommended hair products which sadly saw no lasting results, she almost gave up on her straw-like lengths. Out of pocket & feeling deflated, she was at her wits end. It was then that she happened to stumble across an article citing the extensive benefits of pre-wash hair treatments. 

Armed with what turned out to be a piece of invaluable information, Lucie headed to a few local salons & high-street stores looking for a natural pre-wash treatment. She was met with yet more hurdles when she was unable to find a single product that met her requirements.

Determined not to be defeated, she utilised her love for DIY and crafts and began formulating her own pre-wash treatment in her student kitchen. It was here that Hair Syrup was born. 

After a few trials, errors & mishaps, she had finally manufactured a treatment that was proving effective at restoring her hangry hair. ⬇️  ⬇️  ⬇️

At this point of course, she had no intention of selling this product - it was merely for personal use. She enjoyed the manufacturing process so much that she decided to amend her original formula and tailor it to a variety of her own haircare needs. One was crafted to alleviate her dry scalp, another for her dry ends, etc. 

When COVID struck & Universities moved to online learning, Lucie headed back to her hometown where she was met by astonished friends & family members praising the drastic improvement in her once brittle, damaged locks. She handed out of a few bottles of the golden nectar for them to try & received sparkling feedback. 

It was now May, a good few months deep into the pandemic when Lucie finally succumbed & downloaded the then up-and-coming app, TikTok. Scrolling through her feed, she noticed how many people were practicing self-care during the lockdown - namely Hair Care. 

With a tiny following of under 5 users, Lucie posted a Hair Care tutorial detailing how she cares for her long, once-damaged locks - in which she showed herself using this pre-wash treatment. To her astonishment, this tutorial went viral - receiving upwards of 500,000 views & thousands of comments; most of which were to do with the pre-wash treatment she had used.

Over the next few weeks & months, Lucie was bombarded with messages, DM's & comments from people begging her to send them a bottle of what is now known as Hair Syrup - with some offering to pay upwards of £30 for 50ML!

When 3 months passed and the messages were still flooding in, her boyfriend said in jest "Imagine if you actually did sell that stuff" - and it was then that the cliched "eureka moment" struck & the prospect of selling this product became a viable option.

Fast forward a year, thousands of bottles have been sold & Hair Syrup has a combined social media following of nearly 80,000 people. 

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