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Meet Buttercream ☁️ 

Severely depleted, dry, coarse, straw-like hair? Reinject some serious moisturizing, buttery goodness back into unruly, frizzy, dehydrated hair with this luxurious whipped hair butter.

Blended using the highest quality raw ingredients, this product (as always) is 100% natural and free from chemicals or SLS. This dense, thick, double-whipped hair butter is jam-packed with 3 variations of thick, buttery goodnesses, Shea Butter, Mango Butter & Cocoa Butter; working to reignite dull, lack-luster strands.

This unique, intensive formula is best used alongside the Syrups as a pre-wash treatment. All you need to do is take a small scoop of the buttercream, mix it together with your syrup of choice & apply it to the hair. 

⚠️  A word of warning - this is a very heavy-duty product so use sparingly. Sadly it may not be suitable for those with low-porosity, thin hair. 

Buttercream Sale price£9.99