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Article: Two New Products Launching Soon 🌱

Two New Products Launching Soon 🌱

My favourite time of the year has finally arrived, the announcement of two new product launches! The formulas have been tested & development is well under way. 

The first new syrup launches on the 1.05.2022, the name remains a secret but I can give you a glimpse into the formulation - peach kernel, sweet almond, argan and of course, the tiktok hairgrowth miracle ingredient, Rosemary Essential Oil. 

This syrup is formulated to specifically target issues such as thinning, hair loss & stunted growth. I have a feeling this might be one of our best syrups yet 

The 2nd product hasn't been announced yet so if you're reading this, welcome to the exclusive sneak preview into it. We're taking the classic Gin & Tonic and making it into haircare - but please, don't drink it. 

If you love Mint Condition you will adore this new syrup - it's super cleansing & calming, perfect for tackling sensitive scalps and alleviating dandruff, itching & dryness. This will be a multi-active super moisturising blend that will strengthen, rehabilitate & nourish strands whilst clarifying the scalp. 

Keep an eye on our IG for updates! 

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