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Article: Hair Care: Finding The Zen Through Motherhood

Hair Care: Finding The Zen Through Motherhood

Hair Care: Finding The Zen Through Motherhood

Hello supermum, why don’t you grab yourself a drink and take a seat as we’re about to take a journey across the chaotic life of motherhood - where messy buns aren’t just part of the motherhood uniform, but truly a way of life! 💁‍♀️. Motherhood comes with all its joys and unconditional love but can also bring about a fair share of stress. From juggling dirty nappies to managing what feels like a never-ending to-do list, it is no secret that being a mum is no walk in the park. But fear not, fellow mamas, because we’ve got the perfect secret weapon that goes beyond the realm of baby wipes and crazy tantrums - the ultimate magic of haircare ✨. Today, we want to unravel the strands of stress that come with the territory of motherhood, addressing difficulties faced by many, such as postpartum, menopausal hair loss, and other follicle-frazzling challenges.

The Dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss

Every mum can testify to the sheer joy of cradling your newborn in your arms; it’s a feeling that cannot be matched, bringing love and warmth to everyone. However, many mums can also relate to the experience of also finding themselves cradling more than just their baby… with more strands of their hair in their hands than ever thought possible. Welcome to the unexpected reality known as postpartum hair loss.

Though the little ones bring immeasurable happiness, with memories that will last a lifetime, the hormonal roller coaster that follows childbirth can often lead to hair loss, which often catches many first-time mums off-guard. It’s really not uncommon to find clumps of your hair blocking up your drains or seeing an alarming amount on your hairbrush, but it’s okay! It’s just a temporary phase whilst your body regulates and adapts to your new life.

Understanding the science behind the changes that happen within your body during postpartum is the first step in tackling the hair loss situation. Hormonal fluctuations, especially as estrogen levels drop post-birth, play a vital role in the health of your hair. But it’s not all doom and gloom, fortunately, this is usually a self-correcting issue that improves as your hormones continue to regulate - and also you’ve got us, and we’ve perfectly bottled up a potion of goodness to truly help you grow your locks, leaving your hair not only looking better but also feeling good. Massage this rosemary and thyme-infused ‘Growsmary’ syrup into your scalp and let it work its nurturing magic. After all, mother’s also need to be nurtured.

The Secret Ingredients for Ultimate Growth

We’ve also got the ultimate hair-loving ingredient trio that can help you revive and restore your hair for that extra TLC that you deserve. Lavender, Oat and Hemp seed all help your locks to de-stress - it’s a very powerful trio that we swear by. We love these ingredients so much that we even combined them into our own hair growth de-stressing potion.

Lavender is like the fairy godmother out of the Cinderella story, banishing all looks and feel of stress, telling your hair loss to take a hike. It’s a mood-boosting magic ingredient for your hair. Not only that, but it also helps to calm you, allowing for your body and your mind to de-stress after another, undoubtedly stressful day. On the other hand, oats are like the calm for the hair storm that you’ve been experiencing, not only soothing your scalp but also hydrating those thirsty strands. Now let’s talk about Hemp seed - the ultimate weapon to make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a shampoo advert. It’s like a shine booster that also restores and thickens your stressed-out strands. These three amigos are the perfect trio to help soothe, restore and calm your hair from the stresses of everyday life, outside and from within.

The Menopausal Mane Mysteries

Now, let’s fast-forward to the unavoidable stage of motherhood - menopause. Just when you thought you finally had a handle on things, you’re slapped with yet another hormonal shift. Oh, the joys of being a woman. This is where your hair, too, decides to join the glory of hot flashes and mood swings, throwing your locks back into a massive curveball of trying to figure out what is going on. Menopausal hair loss is often a very much an uninvited guest to the party, yet always finds itself there. The decrease in estrogen during menopause can impact hair thickness and health, sending your hair into a complete follicular frenzy and leaving you wondering if you need a magic potion to maintain your fabulous hair (you do, and we’ve got you covered😉).

Meet Rapunzel, our hair-oiling secret to long, luxurious hair - it’s a game-changer that can help to boost the look and feel of your stressed-out mane. Packed with a powerful blend of ingredients like caster seed oil, sweet almond oil and argan kernel oil which are perfect for promoting hair growth and restoration. These ingredients are full of vitamins and minerals, almost like a hug for your hair during those stressful moments. It’s a spa day in a bottle that can be brought to your home, soothing, rejuvenating and bringing life back to your strands. For all the multitasking mums out there, this is your go-to remedy for stresses menopause throws your way.

There’s Always Time For A Little TLC

Alright, gorgeous supermums, as we wrap up our journey, we wanted to remind you that in the wild adventure of motherhood, self-care is your secret weapon. Hair care can be more than just a routine; it is more like a love letter to yourself. Through the business of everyday life, mums often forget to also give themselves the same love and care, often neglecting the stresses and investing all their time in their children. But you’re important too, so begin with giving your hair that extra TLC. We’ve got a collection of hair care potions that will help you restore your locks and unwind and de-stress from motherhood.

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